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Bombay Blues is located on Hope Street in Glasgow, and serves the finest Indian Cuisine in the Glasgow

Bombay Blues Takeaway Menu

20% Discount applies to all carry out prices
*excluding set meals

Pre Starter £3.95

Two Poppodums with Onions & Mango Chutney

Chef’s Platter For 2 £9.95 / For 4 £18.95

Consisting of Chana Chatt, Chicken Chatt, Mixed pakora and two dip



Vegetable £3.95
Cauliflower £4.50
Mushroom £4.50
Chicken £4.90
Fish £4.90
Mixed £4.95
Paneer £4.50
Onion Bhaji £3.95
King Prawn Butterfly £7.50

Tawa Specials

Spiced Haddock £5.20
Salmon In Pesto & Garlic £7.50
Honey, Lime & Ginger Chicken £6.95
Chicken Tawa £6.95
King Prawn Chilli £7.50
Chicken Tikka Achari £4.90
Chilli Paneer £4.50

Tandoori Delicacies & Kebab

Chicken Tikka £4.90
Lamb Tikka £5.75
Tandoori Salmon or King prawn £7.50
Gulmurgh Kebab £6.95
Chicken Chaat £4.90
Lamb Chops minted £5.95
Seekh kebab Nawabi £5.50

Savoury Specials

Alloo Tikki Chatt £4.95
Alloo Papdi Chatt £4.95
Prawn Cocktail £4.90
Garlic Mushroom £4.50
Samosa Lamb Mince or Vegetable
£4.90 / £4.50
Dosa Chilli chicken, Prawns, Potatoes or vegetables £4.90
s Chicken, Prawn, Vegetables, Paneer Medley £4.95
Dali or Vegetable Soup
Fresh Spiced lentil or vegetable soup served with a sesame garlic Nan. £4.90


The Following dishes can be prepared with Lamb or Prawns at £1.00 extra per dish

South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken £10.95
This spicy dish with barbecued chicken uses green chilli, fresh garlic and a rare mix of herbs and spices.

Chicken Tikka Chasni £10.95
Mild Sweet & Sour Sauce together with fresh Cream and cashew nuts.

Bhoona Chicken £8.95
Onion gravy blended with mixed spices, grated fresh ginger, garlic and fresh coriander to required strength

Chicken Jaipuri £10.95
Succulent Pieces of barbecued chicken breast cooked with freshly peeled and grated garlic and ginger with some freshly ground Punjabi masala and coriander.

Karahi Murgh £8.95
Blended ingredients with freshly ground spices are prepared to our own recipe a popular dish from north of India.

Mirchi Rogan Josh Chicken £8.95
Cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, yogurt & fresh coriander with spices.

Chicken Tikka Makhani Masala £10.95
Cooked the authentic way using fresh cream, tomatoes, nuts, saffron & mild spices

Achari Murgh £8.95
Chicken pieces sauted traditionally with garlic, ginger, pickle, cumin, onion, mustard & fresh coriander.

Karahi Chicken Tikka Saag £10.95
Barbecued Chicken Cooked With the Fresh Spinach, Mustard Leaves, Ginger, Garlic, Fresh Green Chillies, Methi Leaves & Corriander.

Chicken Mughlai Korma £8.95
A rich creamy dish prepared using fresh cream and mild spices.

King Prawns Garlic Chilli Masala £12.95
The spicy dish with barbecued King Prawns uses green chilli fresh garlic and a rare mix of herbs and spices.

Chicken Tawa £11.95
Breast of chicken pieces cooked with onions, peppers & spices served on a sizzling platter, topped with fresh coriander& fresh lime and also served with mint and coriander chutney and chapattis.

Chefs Special Dish £11.95
The dish created with herbs and spices handpicked by the chef. It has a highly fragrant, thick sauce which is simply mouth watering.

Traditional Fish & Chips £11.95
With a Tartar Sauce and chilli pea puree.

Salmon Goanese Style £14.95
Combination of spices to include tamarind, chillies and garlic to name just a few of the ingredients, together with coconut adds to the distinctive taste of this dish.

Spiced Haddock Tawa £12.95
Haddock marinated with a variety of Punjabi spices twisted, serve with fresh salad, mint & coriander chutney and steamed rice.

The following dishes are served with basmati rice, salad and yogurt mint sauce or curry sauce. The tandoor is a tall cylindrical clay oven heated and maintained at a temperature of 800F. All our tandoori dishes are marinated for 24 hours in an exotic yogurt sauce blended with fresh ground spices, masala, fresh herbs and cooked evenly over this intense fire.

Salmon £15.95
Chicken Tikka £12.95
Mixed Grill £14.95
Lamb Chops £12.95
Tandoori Chicken £12.95
Gulmurg Kebab £12.95
Lamb Tikka £13.95

Serve with pepper, mushrooms, salad & chips, cream & pepper sauce

Sirloin Steak £12.95
Fillet Steak £16.95

A royal dish of Moghul origins consisting of ginger, pepper, saffron, rose scented and other ingredients, basmati rice. Serve with Curry gravy sauce or lentil with salad.

Chicken £10.95
Lamb £12.95
Prawn £11.95
Vegetable £9.95

Vegetable Dishes

Mixed Tarka Dali £7.95
A Mix of three yellow Dalis cooked in a desi style.

Palak Paneer £7.95
Spinach leaves pre cooked with Indian style cheese.

Pindi Channa Masala £7.95
Chickpeas cooked in a Punjabi style.

Fresh Mix Sabzitaka Tin £7.95
A Mix of Seasonal vegetables seasoned with special spices cooked on a Tawa.

Alloo Gobi Masala £7.95
Potato and cauliflower prepared in onions and tomato sauce with spices.

Bhindi Ki Sabzi £7.95
Okra stir fried with onions, garlic and spices.

Makhani Tomato paneer £7.95
Indian cheese cooked the authentic way using fresh cream, tomatoes, nuts, saffron & mild spices

Lahori Alloo £7.95
Potatoes Fried in onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, cumin & yogurt gravy.

Rice & Breads


Basmati Saffron Rice £2.95
Basmati Boiled Rice £2.95
Mushroom and Jeera Rice £3.50
Nawabi Rice (with egg & peas) £3.50
Special Rice (Mixed Vegetable) £3.50

All breads are baked fresh on the interior wall of the tandoor.

Plain Nan £2.95
Garlic Nan
Topped with fresh Garlic Butter £3.25
Peshwaari Nan
Paste of almonds, coconut, sugar £3.25
Keema Nan spiced mince filled £3.25
Cheese & Chilli Nan grated cheese, green chillies £3.25
Chapati Butter, plain, Tandoori £1.00
Paratha Soft, buttery and layered £2.95
Poppodums plain, garlic, spicy £0.95
Spiced Onions £1.50
Mango Chutney £1.95
Mixed Pickle £1.95
Raita £1.95
Mint & Coriander Chutney £1.95
Fresh Salad £2.95
French Fries £2.95

Set Meals
Complimentary with all Set Meals: 2 Poppodums, Spiced Onions & Fresh salad
*20% Discount applies does NOT apply to set meals

For Two £19.95

Choice Of One Pakora Chicken, Fish or Vegetable With Choice of two curries Chicken, Lamb, Prawn or Vegetable (Karahi, Rogan Josh, Korma, Bhoona, Masala) Choice of any two Nan, Garlic Nan, Boiled, Fried Rice

For Four £34.95

Choice Of Two Pakora's Chicken, Fish, Vegetable or Onion Bhaji With Choice of four curries Chicken, Lamb, Prawn or Vegetable(Karahi, Rogan Josh, Korma, Bhoona, Masala, Chasni, Achari). Choice of any Four Nan, Garlic Nan, Cheese & Chilli Nan, Peshwari Nan, Boiled or Fried Rice